Artist Statement

Despite her young age, Tabatha Mudra has built a career in photography and a lifetime commitment to social justice and community activism. Tabatha feels that her personal work is her social responsibility. Through her photography, her projects range from portraits to essays chronicling themes that include but are not limited to individual struggle and perseverance, intimacy and relationships and gender identity and self-expression. Her projects have focused on racial stereotyping, gender roles and androgyny and poverty.

In 2009, Tabatha founded Drag it Out, Inc. a nonprofit organization that supports and empowers youth and adult members of the LGBTQ community and allies. She designed and created her own “school” of workshops that generate self-esteem and build leadership skills. The workshops inspire individuals to explore gender identity and self-expression through performance art and community activism. Tabatha is highly respected as a leader in South Florida, serving as keynote speaker, panelist, facilitator or organizer at numerous conferences on gender and women’s issues.

Currently, Tabatha is an artist in residence with the Broward County Schools Diversity Department, for which she is working to create an installation called Broward Talks, utilizing photography, video and illustration to capture conversations on topics like bullying, same-sex marriage and HIV positive youth, among others, for public viewing and commentary.