tabathamudra-biopic“Live in Your Passion: Thrive in a Unit”

No one makes it to the top on their own. When creatives join forces, limits disappear and anything is possible. Tabatha shares her special recipe for creating a winning team where respect and passion thrive in a safe environment which empower the team to shine light on important social issues.

As a visual provocateur and filmmaker Tabatha Mudra reveals the complexities of social issues such as anti-bullying, LGBTQ, Gender, Sexuality, HIV awareness, human trafficking and explores the human condition through her intimate unorthodox storytelling. Tabatha was inspired to transition into film after fifteen years in photography as a way to enhance her storytelling, using film as a platform to more effectively engage and communicate with audiences thus creating a moving experience.  With powerful stories to tell, Tabatha Mudra’s passion is deeply rooted in social activism.  Tabatha values herself a “creative outlaw” and often chooses to tell the stories of society’s underdogs.

Her mission is to help artists thrive in this industry. Tabatha is not afraid to challenge her team members causing them to break out of their comfort zone thereby creating expansion and victorious outcomes for the team. She has consistently made empowering others the foundation of her success, emphasizing the crucial importance of equality.

“I believe as humans, when we create we must feel something. Whatever that desired feeling, that’s what I’m after.”

– Tabatha Mudra

In 2014, Tabatha was awarded the Dejunius Hughes Award for Activism by Artspace.

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