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Osmara Vindel, MBA
  • Osmara Vindel, MBA

  • Author. Inspirational Speaker. Thought Leader
"I hired Tabatha Mudra Photography for my new business headshots as I was in the process of rebranding. Not only did she grasp the vision I had in mind, but through her own creative eye she fully nailed the vibe and feel I was going for. I've proudly used her shots on my new site, media kit, and most recently on the back cover of my  book, The Unleashing. Tabatha is fun, edgy, and does a great job of educating her clients on what works for a photoshoot and what doesn't. She was full of great ideas and really understood my brand and personality so it shines through in the photos. Thank you Tabatha!"
Osmara Vindel, MBA
Author. Inspirational Speaker. Thought Leader
Marley Q
  • Marley Q

  • CEO - Chief Events Officer of StarMare Events
Before working with Tabatha Mudra Photography, I had never taken part in a professional photo shoot. Needless to say, I was super nervous and hoped the investment would be worth it! Tabatha was warm and very professional. She not only made me feel comfortable and at ease right off the bat, she was also very encouraging and put a fun and creative spin to the entire process. Tabatha Mudra made me feel like a super star and that confidence was captured!  The result was dozens of stellar photos that will undoubtedly help me and my business grow!  I couldn't be more grateful for the experience and the final product - she rocks !!
CEO - Chief Events Officer
Lisa K. Muñiz
  • Lisa K. Muñiz

  • Designer
I have had the privilege of working with Tabatha Mudra on multiple occasions both personally and professionally. I am always impressed and excited about the outcome and every time she has over-exceeded my expectations.  Tabathamanages to always be professional, while still having fun with the project at hand.  Her creativity and "out of the box" ideas are usually what draw people to her, but she packs a serious punch of technical skills to back it up.  I would definitely recommend her and have already in the past with full confidence she can get the job done with bells on.Respectfully, Lisa K. Muñiz lisakcreative.com
Mandi Hawke
  • Mandi Hawke

  • Author
I have worked with Tabatha for over 4 years now on multiple occasions and in several different capacities. She has been on-time, in perfect form and with a great attitude every time... however, there was one photo-shoot that had the biggest impact. I worked with her for a personal Burlesque/Boudoir photo shoot where I removed a great deal of my clothes, well ALL of them actually - this was not easy for me. I cannot imagine another person I would have been able to do this with and feel 100% totally comfortable and safe through the whole process. The photo-shoot turned out stunning, the lighting impeccable and angles completely flattering in all ways. She sees things in an unique, artistic and creative fashion while remaining professional - a true photographer in every way. I love Tabatha and would recommend her highly for any and all of your photography needs. Mandi Hawke www.mandihawkedesign.com facebook.com/mandihawkedesign
Jared Michael
  • Jared Michael

  • Stylist
I have known Tabatha for 12 years, since college and into the birth of our professional careers. I have seen her grow as a person, and grow as a photographer. Her work speaks for itself, and I'm always pleased with her images, lighting, and timely delivery. Tabatha is a one stop shop for photographic needs, with the ability to art direct, set up, and photograph.  Tabatha is unique, charismatic, full of life, young-hearted, optimistic, and a great team player - she is one of the few people who I've allowed to be both a professional colleague and a personal confident and friend for just those reasons.She reminds me where I've been in life, and where I need to go to in the future, and greatly appreciate the 'now' where I live. As we grow together, I know I don't want her absent from my life, and look forward to the time we can work in conjunction on larger projects and give our future clients the best work that goes above and beyond their expectations, because we are both capable of spectacular work.
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