Drag It Out: Best Nonprofit Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach 2011

We’re proud to give graduation announcements when it’s for a plethora of brand-spanking-new drag queens. The nonprofit Drag It Out mentors, inspires, fundraises, and teaches the art of drag. After ten weeks of free workshops, coached by professional drag queens, these draglings learn how to walk in six-inch heels. They create personas. They get real tools on how to enter the professional drag world — like how to create a “super sweet stache.” Many students attend the workshops for fun — to learn the art of drag — but once in costume, some alumnae want to perform. All proceeds of their shows go to the Pride Center at Equality Park, Animal Aid, and Safe Schools of South Florida — for what Drag It Out nicknames “the Kids, the Queers, and the Animals.” 

(From New Times Best Of 2011)


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