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Tabatha Mudra DemoReel 2016

Tabatha Mudra [DemoReel] 2016 from Tabatha Mudra Photo/Video.

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Two time winner of the 2015 and 2016, 48-Hour Film Project Miami alongside tea1310 Bandits, for “Best Film” and sweeping a combined set of 12 awards, Tabatha Mudra has only just begun her career in film as a transition from 16 years in still photography. Creating her second film with the message of an LGBTQ activist in Miami Florida broadcast for South Florida PBS called “Pioneer Winter”, that debuted at the Miami International Film Festival. National PBS filmed a series on American Re: Dream Project a story on Digital Nomads, used to open dialog in community settings on what the “american dream” is now. KidVision is an education virtual field trip series providing accessible learning standards to students and educators, Tech Versify is an online series about the psychological impact of the digital age.

1310 Bandits is a visionary team of filmmakers creating stories that advocate consciousness and social responsibility.

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Trailer – Miami 48 Hour Film Project (2015) – “Souvenir” from Tabatha Mudra Photo/Video

Trailer (2015) – “Pioneer Winter” from Tabatha Mudra Photo/Video.

Team Intro (2016) – 1310 Bandits from Tabatha Mudra Photo/Video.